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Joan Vazquez Molina

CV Joan Vazquez Molina

Situation professionnelle

En recherche active

Souhait professionnel

De 2 à 5 ans
Non renseigné
- Belgique
- Ingénieur d'études et de recherche
- Ingénieur technique / de production
- Enseignant dans le supérieur
- Ingénierie
- Production d'énergie, Extraction
- Recherche



When I finished my engineering studies, I realized that I wanted to know much more about the way modern science describes the world. I started from what I considered “the beginning”: space, time and the foundations of physics.

In order to understand all that, I had to study more mathematics, and I ended up doing a PhD in mathematical physics. Meanwhile, I taught math courses at Florida State University (Valencia Program) and assisted in math and physics courses at Universitat Politècnica de València. Before I got my predoctoral contract, I also worked in a geothermal engineering European project and I performed data analysis for social scientists.

Currently I have a position at Universidad de Guayaquil (Ecuador), where I came to develop a project on energy efficiency on campus. Although I remain deeply interested in fundamental physics, I want to shift towards more applied mathematics and the industrial R&D sector.

I am certified as "Assistant Professor" (Ayudante Doctor) by the Spanish Agency for Accreditation (ANECA).

Expériences professionnelles

University professor

Universidad de Guayaquil , Guayaquil

De Mai 2017 à Aujourd'hui

- Teaching Calculus at the Faculty of Chemistry.
- Member of the Research Council.

Developing the Sustainable Campus project at Universidad Politécnica Salesiana de Guayaquil.

Research intern

National Institute of Informatics , Chiyoda-ku

De Août 2014 à Février 2015

Research in Quantum Computation

Graduate research / teaching assistant

Universitat Politècnica de València , València

De Mai 2014 à Avril 2017

- PhD work: courses, participation in conferences, paper writing, etc.
- Teaching Assistant at the Department of Applied Mathematics, assisting with Mathematics courses at the School of Telecommunications Engineering and the School of Architecture.
- Teaching Assistant at the Department of Applied Thermodynamics, assisting in a course called "Physical concepts in historical and cultural perspective" at the School of Industrial Engineering.

Prior to my PhD contract,, I performed Data Analysis for social scientists and participated in a European project on geothermal engineering.

Lecturer in mathematics

Florida State University , València

De Septembre 2013 à Février 2017

Instructor of record in: Math for Liberal Arts, College Algebra, Calculus for Business and Calculus with Analytic Geometry.

Research intern

National Technical University of Athens , Athens

De Octobre 2011 à Mai 2012

Experimental physics work at the Dielectrics Research Group

Formations complémentaires

PhD in Mathematics

Universitat Politècnica de València - Interdisciplinary Modeling Group

2013 à 2017

Thesis "Mappings between Thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics".

industrial Engineer

Universitat Politècnica de València - Option: Energy

2006 à 2012

Thesis: "Silica reinforced hydrogels with biomedical applications: synthesis and characterization"

MSc Mathematical Research

Universitat Politècnica de València / Universitat de València

2012 à 2013

Thesis: "Structural Equation Modelling in Psychology"


Basic Research Community for Physics


Spanish Network for Mathematics and Industry


Parcours officiels

Ecole Centrale Paris – Ingénieur – 2011


Anglais - Courant

Français - Courant

Espagnol - Courant

Catalan - Courant

Grec moderne - Notions

Néerlandais - Notions


Data analysis
Energy Engineering
Nuclear Technology

Centres d'intérêt

  • Pure and applied math
  • modelling
  • theoretical physics. Enery engineering
  • nuclear technology.